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    Educational team

    This team is responsible for enhancing the members' knowledge and improving their skills by the arrangement of a variety of courses and sessions that would benefit them.

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    Reach Team

    This team is responsible for expanding the chapter by organizing events to educate people about engineering as a major, and inform them about the IISE and its benefits to not only Industrial engineers but also other engineering disciplines. “Reach” is also responsible for organizing field trips that show real-world applications of the theory we learn in our courses.

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    Community Team

    This team is responsible for coordinating gatherings for IISE members, enhancing friendship among them, and cultivating a positive work atmosphere. Additionally, we take the initiative to arrange charitable activities and events that benefit the wider community to which we belong.

  • Social media Team

    responsible for creating content and covering all IISE’s activities as well as managing all social media accounts.

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    Designer Team

    Designs all IISE’s social media posts using graphic design softwares.

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    Expand team

    The team responsible for organizing the annual conference, arranging collaborations and events nationally and internationally..